FDP – Figli di Pasta Madre Viva

(literally: live mother dough)

The project “Figli di PastaMadreViva” (also called “FDP Viva” or “FDP”) was born from the common intention of a working group of professional bakeries to protect the use of real Pasta Madre Viva. The aim is to identify products made with Pasta Madre Viva, communicating the type of activity carried out in the company. The FDP Viva project is therefore born to define with extreme clarity the difference between PASTA MADRE VIVA and the other types of yeast. The FDP Viva project is therefore reserved for professionals, whether they are pizza makers, technical bakers or pastry-makers, so that their cohesion helps to clarify production and protect consumers, which are too often misled by confusing names such as “natural yeast” or “dried mother”. Renato Bosco is the initiator and promoter of this project and legal representative of the Trademark. For further information or to get in touch with professionals who propose in their stores products with Pasta Madre Viva, please refer to www.figlidipastamadre.it

Renato Bosco e il SignorLievito

Mister Yeast

Renato Bosco and il SignorLievito project includes courses for professionals and lovers of white art. The main concept is transferring techniques and methods to make pizza and other products such as bread, with attention to the rising process, whether they are natural, with brewer’s yeast or with Pasta Madre Viva. As stated at the 2016 edition of the Kitchen Congress “Identità Golose”, Renato strongly believes that “Culture and technique allow all types of yeast to become a SignorLievito”. For further information write to: corsi (at) saporeverona.it


During 2016 summer, Renato was invited to attend an event at the Forte Village Resort near Cagliari (Sardinia). He organized 4 pizza-based dinners in the wonderful setting of the most prestigious resort in the world. After this experience, the resort’s manager offered Renato a collaboration in terms of managing the Forte Village pizzeria for the whole summer season 2017.


A multifunctional place, an innovative concept that aims to become a reference point in the gastronomic panorama of Turin, in the heart of a post-industrial completely upgraded area, in the Barriera district of Milan. EDIT host several coordinated proposals under a single management, to offer customers a new and fully immersive food experience. A real gastronomic destination divided into 5 main areas: bakery café, brewery and brew pub, cocktail bar, restaurant with in view kitchen, four professional kitchens / artisan workshops and a show kitchen. Inside the pub, you find a food service quality POP offer, with leavened recipes by Renato Bosco, as its famous Aria di Pane® e PizzaDoppioCrunch®.


Teo Musso, master of fermentation, meets Renato Bosco, artist of leavening … A joint project of exploration is born, a laboratory of greedy ideas that follow the philosophy of wanting to tell through their products with the aim of emotion. Teo with his beers and Renato with leavened and the choice of toppings that make special sandwiches, buns and toast.
From November 2017 to July 2018