Saporè Pizza Stand Up is born in the heart of the streets most frequented by tourists and people from Verona; a space mainly dedicated to take away, with the possibility to eat a pizza or a sandwich, walking between the Tower of Lamberti and Piazza delle Erbe. Here, we propose Renato Bosco’s core business: the pizza! You can choose between PizzaCrunch® and PizzaDoppioCrunch®, characterized by an extreme crunchy dough, which is also ideal as street food. Next to pizza, the proposal is amplified with Renato’s bread. Here you can find some great classics such as the Pasta
Madre Viva bread, the blown Rosetta stuffed with mortadella of the highest quality, (recalling the tasty and above all the healthy snacks of our adolescence) but there is also space for sandwiches interpreted in a contemporary key. The third most important product is the leavened cake made with Pasta Madre Viva.


Saporè Pizza StandUp – Verona

Via Della Costa 5, Verona

045 801 0870


Open every day, from 10:30 am to 10:30 pm.

Christmas and Easter closed.